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Resources - Forms & Schedules

Form 1040 (DRAFT)

Form 1040:
[U.S. Individual Income Tax Return. Annual income tax return filed by citizens or residents of the UnitedStates.]
Form 1040 Instructions

Form 1040-EZ
[Income Tax Return for Single and Joint Filers With No Dependents.   Income tax return filed by certain citizensor residents of the United States]
Form 1040-EZ Instructions

Form 1040-A
[U.S. Individual Income Tax Return.  Usedby citizens and residents of the United States who have varied incomes ad wouldlike to take various deductions.]
Form 1040-A Instructions

Schedule A
[Itemized Deductions.  Used byindividuals who choose to itemize their deductions instead of taking theStandard Deduction.
Schedule A Instructions

Schedule B
[Interest and Ordinary Dividends.  Usedto report interest and ordinary dividend income.]
Schedule B Instructions

Schedule C
[Profit or Loss From Business.  Used bytaxpayers to report their income derived from the conduct of a trade orbusiness as Sole-Proprietorships.]
Schedule C Instructions

Schedule D
[Capital Gains and Losses.  Used bytaxpayers to report gains or losses on the sale or disposition of capitalassets.]
Schedule D Instructions

Schedule E
[Supplemental Income and Loss.  Commonlyused to report rental income on real property.]
Schedule E Instructions

Schedule F
[Profit or Loss From Farming.  Used bytaxpayers to report income derived from farming activities.]
Schedule F Instructions

Schedule H
[Household Employment Taxes.  Used bytaxpayers to calculate Social Security, Medicare, Federal Income Taxes and/orFederal Unemployment Tax on wages paid to household employees.]
Schedule H Instructions

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